Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Light on the Subway Entrance

I have been somewhat distracted recently. It has been difficult to focus on art work because of very unartistic stresses. I finished up some film and made some prints last week, but old school photography is a slow process and I have nothing interesting yet. Luckily I came across this light. It is the subway entrance at the foot of the Williamsburg Savings Bank. There used to be scaffolding outside while the old offices were converted into condos which made the entrance dark and a little menacing. The scaffolding came down earlier this year and the light is so startling at times.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Incompatability Between Plants and Kittens

The last of the plants on the wall was adopted. I put up this picture of the young plants instead of the empty wall because it is more cheerful. I am thinking about putting the plants out in a less elaborate way since they do not stay for very long. I don't mind that they go quickly, but at dawn the light is not bright enough to take good pictures. My plan is to make pots out of plastic bottles and place the plants in pretty light, photograph them and leave them. Gift - the end.

I wanted to plant some cuttings I had started when I came across a problem.

The kittens really like philodendrons. They had eaten most of the cuttings so I was only able make two plants. 

I moved them to the window in the young son's room,

where they were soon discovered by Voltaire, the gardener kitten.

I have enough plants to form a barrier and the kittens have lost interest. I made some more pothos cuttings from the mother plant.

The Mother Plant

Hopefully I will be able to do one more plant run before winter and try out my new idea.
I want to do more work on the hanging sculpture.  The light has been so abysmal, it is hard to work on it in the gloom. Waiting for the beautiful October light.