Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking For Bluebells, Found Poppies

I have been in a dark mood. My beloved is away and the weather has responded with clouds and mist. Ain't no sunshine when he's gone, stormy weather - New York has obliged. The sun will occasionally come through the clouds in a blast of light and heat, making jackets feel suddenly too heavy.

On the last day the sun was out I went looking for bluebells at the Botanic Garden.

Each year I plan on going there in May to see the electric blue flowers rolling out. Every year I forget until the end of the month. This year they were almost finished when I got there. May is always so hectic.

I wandered over to the lilacs, which smelled of childhood summers, but didn't inspire any pictures. On my way out of the garden, I discovered that the old herb garden has been replaced by wildflowers. (Not to worry, they are making a new herb garden down past the rock garden)

I am not a big fan of pansies, but I love the little ones that look as if they were hand painted.

The cornflowers were making striking contrasts.

It was the poppies that really caught my eye.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grey in May

It rained every day in the first week of May. The sun has made several fitful appearances but things could hardly be described as the height of spring, merry month of May or any of that.

Today is the first beautiful spring day for a while. I strolled along Fulton mall where the glitzy mirrored store fronts sent ribbons of light across the sidewalk.

Everything seemed so monochromatic, so I switched the digital camera to black and white.

Although I like this picture, I always feel that something is lost in digital black and white. I prefer the greys with a little color.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Finished Hanging Sculpture

When I finished the hanging sculpture, I felt light and a little fragile. I couldn't believe it all fell into place at last. John came by to show me how to snip off a bit at the end with the vise grip and he said the photo doesn't do it justice. I tried taking pictures from all angles to give a sense of the thing.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Latest on the Empty Lot

The empty lot has received a little decoration.

It does not look like the usual graffiti tag.

And apparently someone is marking out flower beds. Perhaps this lot will be a garden after all.

Meanwhile, the cherry blossoms have shed their petals, dusting the streets with pink.

It has been raining, turning the petals into soft mush. It still looks pretty.

I am so close to finishing my hanging sculpture, but I have been distracted by a science project (the young son's, not mine). The project also involves bending copper wire and is making me wonder if I shouldn't be working magnets and batteries into my sculptures. Something to ponder.