Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blue February

Usually I like February. When the sun is out, the light is beautiful, there is usually a good blizzard, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day. But this year it has been so gloomy. Icy cold days followed by pitiful snow mixed with sleet.

The frozen sidewalk near my house has aquired a layer of grime that offers a little traction.

The piles of snow have strata of grey representing each miserable storm. Although I had work to do on my new street art idea, I could stay in the gloomy house. So I went to Central Park, which usually restores my sense of New York.

I started out near the Metropolitan which seemed like the right place to be on a cloudy day in February.

Everything felt different inside the park.

I have been noticing the bleached bark of the London Plane trees.

They are a bit luminous.

The sun fought its way out adding a little glitter to the frozen puddles. The day became brighter but the sun never really got free from the clouds. I hope the weather turns less punishing.

I really wish I had these bushes in my garden.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More Ice, More Cold

Our latest winter storm varied between snow and sleet, leaving a fine icy glaze on everything and throwing the subway system into a Victorian swoon. I love the ice coated trees shining as if they were made of glass. It is only noticeable with the sun behind the ice, so it makes photographs difficult.

I am still scouting around the Holland Tunnel trying to find the right view for my dream picture.

It was so cold out, I get chilled when I look at this picture.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Silly Snow

Our historic blizzard turned into a nice little bit of snow. It is pretty snow, but perhaps not worth all the craziness or what Pat Kiernan of NY1 called placing "the entire city under house arrest"

Still, I was only moderately inconvenienced by the lockdown. I felt bad for people who get paid by the hour especially those who work in the evening.

One of the guys who lives at the shelter near my subway stop was hanging around yesterday while the storm was tapering off. He is a bit ravaged by drink or drugs, but he always smiles at me and says hello. He was watching the snow, his battered face lit with joy. He said, "isn't it beautiful? It's so clean, like a waterfall."

At 34th street, the city had totally vanquished the snow as it always does.

There were no cars, not even on 8th avenue leading into midtown.

Elm trees in Union Square park. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ice Light

This is one of those winters of bitter dry cold followed by milder weather and rain. I have had a hard time settling back to work after the holidays. On one of the last icy days, I went out looking for inspiration.

People have been drifting into my pictures. I think it is because I have been using the phone on my camera, and I am not always aware of the the edges.

The quality is the same as with my point and shoot camera. The saturation is a bit intense, kind of like old Kodak non-professional film. Luckily I can tone it down.

I had planned on a new virtual street art site, but it was in one of those parts of town that is regularly scrubbed clean. I was wandering around Tribeca in search of a new spot.

This once gritty, edgy neighborhood has been taken over by strollers. Everywhere small children were being escorted on their morning outings. And it seemed that the women doing the pushing were their mothers and not the typical nannies one sees in other neighborhoods. Actually I think the woman above was someone's nanny, but everyone else seemed like catalog models.

I found a spot regardless, and it has the added benefit of being from a dream. I can make a dream image that will be virtual street art.

After that, I wandered around in the Village, capturing the icy cold light.