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The Brief Yet Transformative Life of Wheatgrass

I am not fond of Earth Day. It just isn't festive enough for me. Instead of celebrating the beauty of the planet and the renewal of spring, we are shown how to calculate our carbon footprints. There are stories of those whose footprints are lighter than most, giving energy from their solar panels back to the grid and eating exclusively from their gardens. There is a faint scolding in the air. Still I wanted to do something green especially since I didn't really celebrate the equinox.

So I decided to photograph this little wheatgrass plant, one picture a day. It grows very quickly and looks a little different every day. When it is finally over, perhaps I will gather all the images together in one post.

Happy Earth Day.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Random pictures

I have been taking pictures here and there, not really focused on any particular idea. Things seemed to be heading in a squared off grid direction.

But then I went to Dumbo.

I think I have touched upon my difficulty taking pictures in Dumbo. It is almost as if the neighborhood is oriented strangely so the light hits it at the wrong angle. It has gentrified so quickly that the streets are almost soulless, maybe the rattling traffic from the bridge overhead adds to the confusion.I wandered into Empire State Park by the river. There were a few signs; "No Dogs, No Bicycles", "Enter And Exit At Same Place", "Keep Off Rocks", and a grumpy looking park ranger to enforce the rules. But there is a little strip of sand past the forbidden rocks. The East River is a tidal estuary, there is always a faint scent of the ocean near the banks.

Facing the river are old warehouses. One of them has the roof and doors removed. It is popular with wedding parties. I have never been able to get a good picture of the space. The warehouse next to it was sprouting some intrepid weeds.

The opposite side of the building has some scaffolding that pretty much blocked off the sidewalk. This did not stop the wheat paste artists and taggers from climbing over it.

The white streak on the tag is sunlight. It was coming through the scaffolding in bright beams, curving with the arched brick.

It was some fine sunlight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Spring is here.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Blues

I have been having some trouble getting back into making pictures and posting them. The April light has been strange. It varies from depressing dark clouds to brilliant blue-white light. I have not been able to capture the horror of the bright light, but it is dizzying. I have been yearning to photograph the silvery rain light of April, but it has been fleeting. Each time I look for it, the rain tapers off, leaving me with the grim darkness again.

At least the trees are happy.

They are all starting to flower or unfurl their young leaves.

The clouds provide a nice white background.