Sunday, February 24, 2013

February Light and Snow Nostalgia

I have just got these two pictures of the February light. We have been having wild swings in the weather. The light has often been muted or just dismal.

I have my eye on this bicycle carcass for my spring plant project. I liked the way the chrome of the truck was glowing. I did not notice the bit of delivery worker on the back of the truck.

I really miss the snow. Everyone around New York City has been getting snow, while we suffer through bitter, dry cold followed by raw, damp rain. We have not had snow since the dainty blizzard two weeks ago. Luckily we celebrated that snow with a little bonfire.

We roasted marshmallows and the young son tried his hand at snow sculpting. I suspect that if we get any more snow, it will be the soggy early spring variety. (sigh)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pictures from the Blizzard

The snow had been teasing us for a few days with little dustings, but last night we finally got a blizzard. It was not a huge storm in the city, but there was enough snow to play in. The wind was blowing the powder around like glitter dust.

The storm had started off slushy so there was a bit of ice here and there.

I cannot resist a little crazy reflection.

One of the abandoned bicycles was unceremoniously buried by the snow plows