Thursday, June 28, 2012


I missed the solstice this year.  I had an idea of a way to celebrate, but I was overcome by obstacles. It has been the same all year, the creative things I want to do are being thwarted by rebellious computers, an onslaught of dentists and, special for June, a cat (Voltaire) with a mysterious illness. I am trying to find a way to get things done in spite of the stress. I need to find a way to make the obstacles less imposing. 

The cuttings I made in April grew lots of roots. Leaves were sprouting underwater, so I decided they had to go into the soil before they became aquatic.

The potted philodendrons are a little spindly. I have to wait until they are stronger to put them out.

I think they will settle in and flourish.

The devil's ivy cuttings were happier being planted.

One of the cuttings I planted in April is doing really well so I will put it out first. I have decided to put one plant out at a time, finding a good spot for each one. I have an idea of using garden twine  them more difficult to remove by wrapping it around the pot over and over. Without a pair of scissors, it should be harder to take.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dream Image

I am really happy with this image. I had been trying different things to get these images to look more like my dream. Besides what I last posted, I also tried using brush pens, but I was not happy. Finally, I started working with Japanese paper and a polymer varnish. I think this looks the closest to my dream image. I have two other images to work on that go with this one. I am still learning things with Photoshop that I need for the other two images.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tree of Heaven

The Alanthus trees are blooming, which means the air smells like a catbox, or an old school Bowery bum. Growing in an empty lot, it was a metaphor for the family in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.

It will grow anywhere.

One sprouted up in my garden between the fence and the netting we use to keep the cats from climbing out. I think it is part of a tree in the neighbor's yard. In fact there are about five of the trees surrounding the garden and I think they are part of one tree. I knew I had to keep it from spreading. I had a hard time because I really admire these trees. But finally I cut it back. It smelled like spice, some kind of vegetable one might find in an Indian restaurant.