Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Down By Peck Slip

The weather has been either bitterly cold and sunny, or damp and not quite cold enough for snow. This morning, as the sun slipped towards chilly rain, I saw some breaks in the clouds. I probably should have stayed local and gathered up what light there was on the discount stores. But I was restless and went to the Manhattan side of the East River, near the Brooklyn 

I have been there before, it always seems to be about to rain. The sidewalk down to the water has many obstacles. There is construction noise, but it seems desolate.

Passing under the FDR drive is a little ominous and dark.

Under the relative brightness of the clouds, this little clump of trees is looking a bit wistful.

The outside view of the FDR with all its barriers.

I was enjoying the light, but the pictures ended up fairly melancholic.

I found some nice moss with the sea weed.

Near the old Fulton fish market, the view of the river is totally blocked. The light is so dim that artificial lights brighten the gloom.

Tomorrow the sun will be back, with the wind and the cold. I realize this is all normal for winter, I am just weary of the temperature jumping all over the place.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking for Insight

I have been taking pictures with the old film camera in black and white. I had forgotten how long the process is, developing the film and making the prints. I feel impatient and unsure if the images are worth it. I guess I have to wait until I print them. Meanwhile, I have been having trouble working on other things. The light was diffuse and boring yesterday, quickly sinking into clouds. Today it was really nice but the light did not last long either.

Calcite is supposed to help bring inspiration, so I took my calcite out and contemplated it. I photographed it in the morning light and carried it with me throughout the day.  I hope it helps.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Dawn

Well, actually two days after the new year dawned.

Everything still feels fresh and new. The light has been spectacular.

Everything seems transformed. There are colors everywhere.

Maybe there are more ice crystals in the air or something.

One of my favorite subjects, cracked windows repaired with duct tape, is positively twinkling.

Here are some intrepid weeds which took advantage of the mild December. I do not know how the weeds are holding up today, as winter has returned in its iciness and wind.