Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Pictures

I had not found a good moment to photograph all of the good snow we keep getting. Then tonight, it was falling beautifully and I remembered that I have a garden. I could finally stand outside in that strange light that happens at night when the snow flakes reflect against the street lights. It almost looks like daylight and it only happens in courtyards, away from the actual street lights.

The young son came out with me and played in the snow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Angels in Brooklyn

It has been either bitterly cold or dark and grey. I have been feeling disoriented in my new neighborhood. I am now living in a part of Brooklyn that I never even visited. From the elevated subway, I catch glimpses of the Williamsburg Savings Bank tower which looks over my old neighborhood. I feel a little pang.

I went over to Myrtle Avenue to get a good look at the abandoned elevated line that used to run. The area around there is so depressing. Maybe it was the grey January light, but I felt really discouraged.

All is not totally dark. I unpacked my old hanging sculpture after I found it tangled in a Toys 'R Us bag with a ladder moving into the mess. I hung it off of a light stand and one morning, some beautiful light came in. The latest sculpture is dismantled and waiting for me in a box.

I am having a little trouble working because the space is so cold downstairs. We will have a big area rug coming that should warm things up, but I think I need to invest in sheepskin booties.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green Despite Winter

The weather has been grim; sleet and rain making lakes of slush. It is not the dramatic winters of the midwest with their ice storms and sub-zero temperatures. It is a particular kind of New York winter, dirty, messy and dark. There are moments when the streets shine with water and give off a silvery glow but I am too busy defending against the elements to take notice.

One of my plants was getting way out of control, so I trimmed it back and put the cuttings in water. It is my promise of spring and a new round of street art. 

The sun came back this morning for a brief visit before another storm, this time cold and snow.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's End

Well the bloom is certainly off the new year. With the Boxing Day blizzard, it took people a while to shake off the holiday glitter, but it is finally dispersed.

Wandering around my new neighborhood, I am noticing a lot of purple on the buildings.

It is perhaps not a brilliant violet, but the blues have a decidedly purple cast.

Even the street sheds are a bit indigo.

I love riding on the elevated subway. Lots of buildings are tagged with graffiti. I had not realized how much I missed the tags in my old neighborhood which was being increasingly scrubbed fresh. The Myrtle Avenue station has lots of graffiti.

The remains of the old Myrtle Avenue elevated line cross this station, but I haven't found a good angle to photograph it yet.

I need to explore the neighborhood some more, maybe in black and white.