Friday, June 29, 2007

Solstice (midsummer)

The days leading up to the solstice had the most beautiful evening light. It is one of the rare times of the year when my north facing windows receive direct sun. It was fantastic, but I was always doing something when it came. The night of the solstice brought thunderstorms with wind that smelled green. When finally I tried to photograph the evening light, it had changed, in a few days, completely different.

Here it is shining on part of the installation, but it doesn't gleam the same way it did before the solstice.

I thought to capture the blue of the midsummer dusk sky. It lingers a little longer than usual and has a soft velvet feel.

Here is the sky against the old Williamsburg Bank for Savings which is being renovated as condos. But I was was dissatisfied with my attempts to capture the light.

Finally I went out with my son just as it was getting dark to try and photograph the fireflies. It might seem silly to search for fireflies in New York, but there is a park near us which is brimming with them on the summer evenings. Unfortunately they are not easy to photograph, elusive beasts.

Here is my son running like a ghost through the park with the equally ephemeral fireflies.

It might take some concentration to make him out against the park, maybe then the fireflies will come into focus as well.

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