Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Empty Lot

Last August I posted some pictures of a weedy lot with a beautiful tree. At the time I had worried that it would be cleared out for some new construction. I fear that it has begun.

I just get the feeling this lot hasn't been cleared to put in a garden.

I suppose it is silly to regret a lot filled with weeds, but as I have mentioned before, I like weeds. On evenings when the moon was bright, it would shine down on this spot brushing those weeds with silver. I wouldn't mind losing another green pocket except that I am so sure it will become this:

I had also posted a picture of this building last summer while it was under construction. It is finished now and by no means the most offensive in terms of soul crushing architecture. But I hate the way it hulks between its neighbors, and I can't quite remember what was there before. There is another new building across the street which I can't photograph because it is really too ugly. I can't remember what it replaced either, they both went up so fast.

Hopefully they will keep the tree.

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