Monday, January 19, 2009

It was so cold last week that it was hard to stay outside long enough to take pictures.

The streets were limed with ice and crusted with salt. My toes hurt from the cold.

When it is so cold the city feels like a desert, the air is so dry, salt dust drifts in the wind. And then, when it seemed that there would never be warmth again, the weather broke. It warmed up a little and snowed.
It wasn't a big storm that would excite the snowplows, just a light decorative dusting.

Soho really seems to show off winter the best, especially the snow.

The string of diamonds are icicles.

This seems like such a postcard of a picture, but I could not resist. It makes me feel nostalgic even though I have never really frequented Fanelli. The snow was so comforting after the cold desert days. It muffled the sounds and made everything pretty.

Then across Houston Street, I found one of those clothing enigmas.

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