Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking For Bluebells, Found Poppies

I have been in a dark mood. My beloved is away and the weather has responded with clouds and mist. Ain't no sunshine when he's gone, stormy weather - New York has obliged. The sun will occasionally come through the clouds in a blast of light and heat, making jackets feel suddenly too heavy.

On the last day the sun was out I went looking for bluebells at the Botanic Garden.

Each year I plan on going there in May to see the electric blue flowers rolling out. Every year I forget until the end of the month. This year they were almost finished when I got there. May is always so hectic.

I wandered over to the lilacs, which smelled of childhood summers, but didn't inspire any pictures. On my way out of the garden, I discovered that the old herb garden has been replaced by wildflowers. (Not to worry, they are making a new herb garden down past the rock garden)

I am not a big fan of pansies, but I love the little ones that look as if they were hand painted.

The cornflowers were making striking contrasts.

It was the poppies that really caught my eye.

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