Friday, June 26, 2009

If a Building Falls in a Forest...

The past two months have been rainy, especially June. One of the buildings on Admiral's Row collapsed last week, now doubt saturated by the near daily onslaught of precipitation. I had made some pictures of Admiral's Row two years ago, so I wanted to see how it changed.

The weeds have benefited from the rains even if the buildings haven't (another building collapsed on Myrtle Avenue that was not as decrepit).

They wrapped around the fence creating an impenetrable wall.

They were thinner near the ruins.

But in other places they were so thick, I could barely make out the roof tops of the other buildings.

The damp air smelled like green and dirt. I realized that I didn't care if the buildings crumbled into dust. But should the powers that be succeed in building a supermarket here, I will miss the weed forest a great deal.

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