Friday, July 10, 2009

Grand Army Plaza Oasis

A few weeks ago, I discovered an oasis in the density of Union Square. I am intrigued by the little pockets of calm that are hidden throughout the city. Although I have lived in Brooklyn for years and I knew of the Grand Army Plaza oasis, I had never visited.

The multiple lanes of traffic have always seemed so formidable.

It was actually quite easy to cross the lanes from the Prospect Heights side of the plaza.

There are small overgrown green spots called "berms" which circle this side of the plaza. They are fenced in and locked which makes a certain amount of sense.

They seem like the perfect spots hiding out and getting into trouble.

The park behind the arch does not look like much at first. There is just a fountain and an unmarked small monument. The splashing water drowns out the traffic sounds and cools the space around it.

The sculptures are rather tacky art deco. Still, the space is calming and refreshing.

The lady with the giraffe neck seems to be really enjoying the water.

Her companion is more about showing off his hyper-defined muscles.

There are a couple of reveling mermen.

Poseidon was really ugly with his bulging belly and gaping mouth. So I caught an angle with lots of water spray.

The arch is so boring. I only included it to situate the oasis.

In other news, today is Nicolas Tesla's birthday.

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