Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stormy Weather and Obstructions

I don't have many pictures to post. The weather has been stormy and the light unpredictable. This shot of the Chrysler Building is one of the few pictures I like from the past week.

I had planned on doing a round of street art last weekend. Unfortunately, outside forces intervened, forces of the family variety. This is probably why so many artists choose the solitary life The single artist has only to wait until it is late enough to go out and do street art, afterwards collapsing into a pile of dirty laundry to sleep. I have to prepare my outings, doing most chores on Saturday, getting to sleep somewhat early and waking at 3am. I try to sleep the next day but usually stumble around in bleary fog. I hate waking up at three and I have to steel myself for it all day. Last Saturday there were several lines of drama that reached a fever pitch somewhere around 8pm. I realized that by the time it all settled down it would be too late to get any decent amount of sleep. Besides my focus was totally shifted to the dramas swirling around. On Sunday, instead of trying to rest in the glow of a successful outing, I sat scowling out the window at the heavy rainstorm and winterlike darkness.

Perhaps it is not such a bad thing to have the occasional outside obstruction or two. Since Sunday, I feel as if something has been reset. I am getting things done more quickly. I am inspired to start a new hanging sculpture. Hopefully, I will be able to do my next street work this weekend.

This was the best shot from my attempt to photograph the stormy weather. It was not an exciting storm in terms of lighting. It just sort of slouched across the skyline.

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