Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gathering Moss

I finally got some potting soil and gathered some moss which I planted in these trays I found in Chinatown.

I am fussing at the moss a bit more this time, trying to get the soil on the bottom of the moss to settle into the soil on the tray. Some of the moss came from the stairs of the empty townhouse. When I pulled it up, old paint from the stairs was embedded in its soil. I have been tweezing the chips out along with some small stones and bits of styrofoam.

The moss from the stairs is different from what I usually find on the sidewalks. It is more fern-like with long tendrils.

It grows more loosely, as if it were woven together.

I also found this little patch of moss that has a little red coloring. Some of my previous moss turned reddish brown before it died. I hope that is not what is happening with this one.

This is the moss I usually find, the intrepid sidewalk moss. It is dense and velvety and hopefully will prosper.

I planted this bit in a broken votive candle. I hope it spreads out like a pin cushion.

I have been keeping the moss trays in the bathroom, the steam from the shower is making the moss very happy.

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