Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Forward

We changed the clocks for daylight savings time last weekend, but it was hard to notice with all the rain. This trendy Nolita storefront reflecting a rainswept building pretty much sums up how I feel about changing the time so early. I don't mind summer time, I just wish it would happen later in the season so the mornings wouldn't be so dark and the weather would be nicer.
These cars reflected against the ominous decals of the window amuse me a great deal.  They are like some kind of parade of satanic shoppers.
I was taken with this cone which seemed so old and run-down compared with its sleeek modern surroundings. It gleamed nicely in the rain.
This morning the sun finally broke through the clouds after four days of gloom.
As if in support of my feeling that it is too early to spring forward, a neighbor still has Christmas lights.
Maybe I will feel more cheerful when the forsythia blooms.

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