Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Last Time The Snow Was Pretty

The morning after my snowy night photos dawned gold and full of promise.

The snow was deep, it was not too cold, the schools were closed.

The nearby community garden looked like a snowy labyrinth.

It was all false promise, sadly. The sun disappeared behind clouds and has only made brief appearances since. The snow quickly disintegrated into vast lakes of slush. At least the schoolchildren had a good day.

Today we are in the middle of a horrible, ugly storm. I realize it is much worse in the mid-west where they always have bigger weather including tornadoes and hail the size of trucks. However, they do not have to walk around. We are all out there in the street with the sleet slashing our faces like small razors, and the rats scurrying through the snow banks, the salt mixing with the slush to create a brownish slurry. And on the subway, a woman in snow pants who seems slightly off, mutters and sways on the damp train as I realize there is a small stone in my boot with the broken zipper. I sit down after I get off the train and use a pair of pliers to get my boot off and the stone out (thank heavens for Leatherman).

Can't wait until the sun comes back with the good February light.

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