Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flooding Leads to Moss

I guess New York begrudged my vacation because the night we came back, six inches of rain fell causing our bedroom to flood in the middle of the night. The carpet went back out on the patio, protected by a sun protector tent (hah!), since the rain continued to fall for about a week. I nearly despaired for the carpet which smelled like a wet dog. However the sun finally returned for a few days and we dried out the carpet. On view is the underside, it did not fade and no longer smells bad.

The garden plants were thriving from all the rain.

A stray flowering plant dropped its seeds in the garden and sent up some blooms.

The lavender in my planter was overcome by the constant damp. I decided this would be a good place to experiment with some moss again. I had to go back to my old neighborhood to find any. Bushwick streets do not favor moss. I found an abundance in Fort Greene and tucked it into the planter. If the moss thrives, I will start experimenting with moss painting.

 There should be plenty of rain this weekend with the hurricane coming so the moss should be happy. We had our pipes snaked out so hopefully there will be no more midnight flooding dramas. 

The end of summer is hanging heavy on my spirit. The young son is in my hair until the start of school. It may be a week or so until I can get back to work. I am looking for a good wall to put up another plant installation on the street.


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