Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have been feeling a bit dispersed since the last round of plant art. I am having a hard time deciding what I should be working on. The weather has not been helpful, brief moments of glorious sunlight punctuate long stretches of cloudy dark. I went to the Botanic Garden hoping that being around a little plant life would inspire. By the time I got there, the sun had once again disappeared. Everything seemed a bit wistful, although the BBG's plants are much lusher than mine.

I wandered over to the water plants, I thought the lotuses would be good in a spiritual sort of way.

I was under the impression that the lotus represented rebirth, the flower rising from the water, its petals falling away to reveal the rizome. Admittedly, it seems more 'circle of life' than 'phoenix bursting from the ashes'.

When I got back to the internet, I discovered that the lotus symbolizes sexual purity. The flower rises from the mud but remains white.

It turns out all those Hindu gods are sitting on lotuses because they are so pure. Well that was disappointing.

At least the lotuses are pretty and all the water is soothing. But I am still feeling restless.

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