Tuesday, January 29, 2013


January has stayed true to its reputation of being a gloomy month. We had the week of grey weather accompanied by the young son and his flu. Then the week of bitter cold and biting wind, the air so dry it felt like an arctic desert. Finally we had a little snow, just a dusting really, but it brought warmer air. I tried taking photographs, but the results were a bit sad. This week the weather is swinging wildly from spring back to winter, with wind and rain.

When there has been sun, the light has been flat. I thought it would look nice shining down on the new Brooklyn Bridge park. It almost feels wild, but with bits of the city in the background.

The landscaper of the park must have considered how the colors would play together in the winter. It is a bit like plant sculpture.

I do not know what this branch is. It was covered with a velvety layer and reminded me of antlers. That's the Brooklyn/Queens expressway in the distance. Its constant rumbling also prevents one from getting too overwhelmed by nature. I think there are plans to build hotels and condos on the edge of the park. I wonder how they will deal with the noise.

There was still a little ice in spite of the 50 degree temperature. The last time I was here, it was the summer solstice.

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