Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Transition Light

This was some time last week when another midwestern snow storm was headed our way as rain. The light was slowly changing from bright and spring like to dark and brooding. I was supposed to be working on all kinds of dreary paperwork, but I convinced myself that I needed to run some errands first, with my camera.

I noticed the light when it was falling on this trash can.

It was making the ordinary torn paper look good.

It was making the graffiti glow. I had meant to crop out the people, but I am glad they are there. I should try to let more people into my pictures.

The best part of the day was in soho. Years ago there was a brief moment when a disco ball hung in the middle of this intersection. I paused, remembering how I had wanted to organize ballroom dancers to come out and dance during the brief moment when both directions have a red light.
Then I saw the alligator:

It was climbing the traffic light post with pearls in its jaw. I am fairly certain that it is real street art and a marketing campaign. It made me feel hopeful to see a little unsanctioned art in soho.

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