Friday, March 7, 2014

Winter's End

The snow has been slowly fading, but the days are mostly cold. 

The last warm beautiful day, about two weeks ago, I spent most of the day inside doing taxes. I plunged out in the late afternoon on my bicycle. The cold was already blowing back in.

One day, the sun filtered through thin clouds, making New York look a little edgier, not so shiny and modern.

I believe these are some artfully arranged oxidized metal doors. They were in front of a cute little townhouse on Prince Street that seemed to sell antiques.

The last big snowstorm passed south of us and we only got a light dusting. The cats preferred it that way and ventured out.

Voltaire always looks good in the garden.

Coco is more camera shy, but I caught her just before she escaped the frame. 

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