Saturday, March 3, 2007


The installation is taking longer than I expected, but I like the way it is evolving. Hopefully I can finish it in the next week and post some pictures.

Meanwhile it snowed last week. I really love snow and it seems that most of my fellow New Yorkers are of the same mind. Maybe it is because so few of us must shovel walks and dig out cars. When snow falls, the city becomes softer. The sounds are muffled, the airports are usually closed so there is not noise from the planes. At night the city lights reflect off the falling snow and turn the sky pink. All of the clutter is hidden behind the white blanket. The city looks so beautiful.

For a brief moment after a storm there is a feeling of peace. People come out and begin shoveling. The children rush to the nearest hill to sled ride. Everyone seems happy. Then it all ends abruptly. The snow plows pile the snow up in chunky mountains, the cars begin to drive and the snow turns ugly.

I marvel at how quickly snow turns black, how trash is drawn to it.

I kind of like the trash in this picture.

This is a mix of old snow and new snow. The old snow reminds me of a petroleum product, maybe a resin.

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Fede de la Puente said...

greats photos!
im taking photos too...