Thursday, February 22, 2007

The diva tag was supposed to look like this, a pair of disembodied eyes floating in the wind.

I was going for a Chesire Cat kind of effect. For some reason the tags wanted to all float upside down. I rotated the picture above. Still, I am quite pleased with the latest round of tags. I think I will go back to multiple images with different orientations.

This tag is right right under the Manhattan Bridge. I feel a little sad about dumbo. It used to be gritty and sometimes even a little scary with beautiful little bursts of creativity. It has been transformed into a sleek clean neighborhood so quickly, I think it might have lost some of its soul. There are still traces around the edges, but they are faint.

Here is another view of the dumbo tag

Down by the East River, the morning light really kicked in. It had snowed the day before leaving no traces other than some brilliant post snow light.

This image shows the effect I was trying for, though it's pretty blurry.

This tag was a victim of the wind, which tore it and plastered it against the parking sign, upside down (naturally).

I also managed to find a pole with some kind of metal clamp and wires attached to it. The tag got all tangled up in it.

I can't imagine why all that hardware is attached to a parking sign, but with the after snow light, I got this image

After I took this picture I looked up and a plane was flying overhead lit up the same way as the tag. It was truly some fine light.

I am working on an installation which I hope to finish in the next week. I will post pictures here.

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