Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The view camera pictures worked out. I had seen this building on Third Avenue in Brooklyn and I found it intriguing. It is all alone, surrounded by empty lots. The jarring banners advertising demolitions really caught my eye.

I went out early, hoping the morning light would be nice and there wouldn't be too many people. Indeed, the only person around was a man with a shopping cart. He came up to chat and told me that his girlfriend had locked him out so he decided to earn some money collecting bottles. He was interested in the view camera and offered to find me cheap photo equipment. I thanked him and he moved on. Unfortunately the exchange was extremely distracting and I lost the first shot to underexposure. I am used to using the 4x5 camera in the studio where everything is calm and controlled. It is a little more difficult on the street, the camera is most unwieldy. I preferred coming in closer to the building.

I liked the idea of the long shot with the banners, but I felt more of a sense of the building when I was closer. And then there was the attacking army.

I would love to do more work with the view camera. The images are so detailed, they would look great printed large. But it takes some planning. I can't just go for a stroll looking for things to shoot.

To be continued...

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