Saturday, November 1, 2008

Days of the Dead (Halloween)

The ancient Celts celebrated the death night of the old year on October 31. There were bonfires, people dressed up as witches and demons, everyone made lots of noise - to chase off the wandering souls. It was a little bit like what was going on in my neighborhood the other night.

Like many boys, the young son is happy as long as his costume includes a weapon. This year it was a magical staff as he was a magician.

The cake was one of those boys who doesn't need a weapon, unless you consider the candles. The pastry children's father was a chef.

It soon became dark, and the brightly clothed children became shadowy forms. The neighbors went wild with the house decorations...

And performance pieces in their front yards...

And I was quite pleased with my job on making the glowing magical staff.

My apologies for the somewhat dark images though...I was stretching the limits of my poor digital camera.

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