Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trees Taking Over The Sidewalk

The trees in the yard of Old St. Patrick's cathedral were being pruned the other day. I loved the way the branches looked like a haphazard forest growing out of the pavement.

This monochromatic image that I found later made me think about shooting in black and white film. The idea has been on my mind. It might be a nice way to deal with all the plastic new buildings sprouting up everywhere with their clashing colors.

I have also continued work on my hanging sculpture although I haven't hung the pieces I have recently finished. It is somewhat slow work and there are some pieces I want to redo because I found heavier polycarbonate.

I was trying to finish up the other day, but I kept getting distracted by the changing light out the window.

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Ben Vee said...

It's interesting in the first photograph how the dying leaves have taken on almost the same colour as the brick wall thus giving this sense of nature and man made intertwining with one another as one living thing.