Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Absent but not Idle

Although I haven't posted pictures for a while, I have been working. The results are not really blogworthy, however. There has been lots of experimenting and not much to show for it.

This picture is my plan for finishing up my hanging sculpture. It took me a week to get things the way I like them. Click for bigger and to see all my erasure marks. While I worked, I could almost hear my old high school drafting teacher grumbling about how messy I was. And yes, the spiral is a bit organic, perhaps less mathematically accurate than a true draftsman would have done. But I like it's lopsidedness and I think it will all come together really well.

I have been working on my black and white prints but I don't have enough that I am pleased with. The black and white project is really tricky, I did similar work in color a few years ago. I can't decide if I am developing the idea into a new direction or just rehashing old thoughts. I had another dream about them in which I had found the perfect place to photograph. I don't know where it was though. I have been also dreaming about being in the Bronx near the Harlem River, so maybe I should go there.

It is about time I go out and do some more street art. I was planning on going out this weekend but a late winter storm has blanketed the city with snow, ice and below freezing temperatures. It will be warmer this weekend (and raining). Maybe I will find the resolve needed to go out in the middle of the night and make art. I may need to change my subject. I was planning on doing Nicolas Tesla. But he is from the same time as Audrey Munson, and he was a little crazy too. Maybe all notable New Yorkers are a bit mad. But perhaps I should mix it up a little and focus on a different time period and then come back to Tesla. Then again, maybe I should just get the wackos out of my system.

Regardless, I will try to be better about updating.

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