Friday, March 20, 2009

Equinox Snow

The weather is often strange on the first day of spring; icy cold or windy or snowing. Today's unexpected snow showers ruined my plan of photographing the midday sun shining through the window of St. Mark's of the Bowery. It is the only church in Manhattan that faces south and the sun makes its noon appearance in the window on the equinoxes. Well maybe I will have better light in September.

I went to St. Mark's anyway on the off chance that the sun might pierce the clouds. No luck though, in fact a rather dark one moved in. I stood in front of the church and pointed my camera where I thought the sun might be.

Then I turned toward the church and felt like a point in a triangle with the sun and the window.

I didn't go inside because I didn't want to photograph without the sun.

The crocuses are starting to poke through which is nice and springlike.

The other day I came across this little plastic flower squished into Third Avenue in Brooklyn. It was the first sign of spring.

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