Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yearning for the Harlem River

I have been thinking of going up to the Bronx to take pictures for a while. Earlier this year I kept dreaming that I was there. Looking at the subway map, I realized that the area of my dreams was in Manhattan near the Harlem River Drive. I could take the subway up to 125th and check things out.

I heard the rain this morning before I saw it. The light was so dreary. It was another nightday with lights struggling to dispel the gloom. The rain soaked through my clothes, even with an umbrella.

It was hard to work on anything today. I plodded aimlessly through the rain. I did find trays for planting moss, but I was too discouraged go back out and gather some. Well, at least the moss will be flourishing out there. I read about a woman who made a moss carpet for a bathmat. The dampness of the bathroom keeps the moss happy. Maybe I can cultivate my moss there over the winter.

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