Sunday, January 10, 2010

Manhattanhenge - winter edition

I finally made it out to the dawn version of Manhattanhenge when the sun rises or sets in alignment with the Manhattan street grid. This compliments the sunset view which I had photographed previously.

Gilles was in town again and delighted to join me in the early morning as he did for my Deborah Moody project. It was pretty cold out but not unbearable. We went to 42nd St. to get the Chrysler building in the picture. Once again I marveled at the New York sunrise that bursts up suddenly from the horizon.

The alignment was brief. The sun moved quickly behind the sky scrapers, its illumination shifting to one side of the street.

It was a clear crisp morning with the light spilling out down the street. Gilles and I marveled at the beautiful morning. Life was good.


Jess Ruliffson said...

This is excellent! I am so excited you caught it just right, it felt like being there but without the cold!

interesting nyc said...

Nice shots! Did you get a chance to capture yesterday's? Would be cool to compare. I was stuck in brooklyn...