Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mystery Lost on the Bridge

Top of the stairs to the Brooklyn Bridge

My friend Regis came to New York last month. He was the inspiration for my Wish You Were Here project. It was a hectic visit, he was only here for a week and Christmas was coming. After he left, I found a small scrap of paper in a book he gave me. On the paper was written "Say hello to NewYorkNewYorkNewYork for me Cheers". I thought maybe it came from one of Regis' friends. He carried a picture of me around Moscow and brought it to Jordan so I could 'visit'. He left the photo behind in a hotel room and my traveling days ended. Perhaps this paper was from some Russian friend who wanted to see New York. I thought to take the paper around and photograph it at places I would take any friend who visits.

I started at the Brooklyn Bridge because it is the best view and the only place in the city where the sky is unobstructed.

I stopped here because the light was so nice but that is when things went awry. I sensed the paper might fall before it did. I snatched it but it slipped out of my fingers through the wooden slats of the walkway.

There was really nothing more to be done. The mystery paper is probably still fluttering around the bridge. It is not a bad place to end up I suppose.

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