Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Memorial Cat Blogging

I have blogged about my cats before . Things have been hard for the household pets in the past couple of years.

The frog was the first to go.  I blogged about Crogunk as well and a few months later, he (she?) was gone.  African dwarf frogs have a very short life and I wasn't too broken up about it.  Basically it was like having a fish with feet, we didn't really relate to one another.

Then Amelia started to lose weight.  I thought it was because she was jealously eating Concierge's low protein diet.  Amelia never seemed sick.  

She was always very busy, splashing in the toilet, or knocking her water bowl across the room or playing with wrapping ribbon.  She went really quickly, one day she was looking ratty and having trouble breathing and the next day she was gone.

That was last winter.  It was strange when she was gone, because as I mentioned, she was a very busy cat who called attention to herself often.

Concierge had been sick for a few years.  She was pretty old, almost nineteen, but she looked good.  She was not sad when Amelia died, in fact she almost seemed to be kicking up her paws with glee.

Old age and sickness finally started catching up with her.  She became frail and took to sleeping on the window sill behind the curtains.  I would call this spot her boudoir and sprinkle it with catnip.

It was definitely the end when her cataracts caused her to go blind.  There were just too many things wrong with her and today I had her euthanized.  She wasn't scared, I think she was ready to go.  When she was sedated, her body relaxed and I realized how much pain she had been in.

With Concierge gone, it felt like the end of an era.  She was practically born on my bed and traveled with me from France.  I have been preoccupied with her for the two weeks so it seemed appropriate to do a little memorial for Concierge and the others.  Adieux les kitties (and frog, I guess)
I am in the process of adopting a pair of kittens, so the house will not be empty for long.  Maybe I will toss up a few pictures when they settle in.

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