Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Last Bit Of Cat Blogging - Kitten Edition

I will just get this one last cat post out of the way and then return to my usual art related blogging. The kittens arrived on Friday and they are really cute, and they already have names:

Coco (as in Chanel) who has extra toes which make her paws look like Michigan.  Sometimes she holds her paw a certain way it looks as if she is wearing high heels.

Voltaire (as in witty philosopher).

It has been cloudy almost since they arrived.  Practically the only way to photograph them is when they are asleep, at least until the sun comes back.

Voltaire is very interested in the plants, tending his garden like Candide. 

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untoro djogja bahagia IV said...

hahahaha... this cat is very funny.. :D , i was have one at my home... i like it

untoro djogja