Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Angels in Brooklyn

It has been either bitterly cold or dark and grey. I have been feeling disoriented in my new neighborhood. I am now living in a part of Brooklyn that I never even visited. From the elevated subway, I catch glimpses of the Williamsburg Savings Bank tower which looks over my old neighborhood. I feel a little pang.

I went over to Myrtle Avenue to get a good look at the abandoned elevated line that used to run. The area around there is so depressing. Maybe it was the grey January light, but I felt really discouraged.

All is not totally dark. I unpacked my old hanging sculpture after I found it tangled in a Toys 'R Us bag with a ladder moving into the mess. I hung it off of a light stand and one morning, some beautiful light came in. The latest sculpture is dismantled and waiting for me in a box.

I am having a little trouble working because the space is so cold downstairs. We will have a big area rug coming that should warm things up, but I think I need to invest in sheepskin booties.

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