Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Checking in on the Plants

The weather has shifted back to rain and everything is dreary. Last week when the light was beautiful, I went out to see how the plants were doing. Two of them have been taken, so I checked on the last four.

The plant near the wall of tags is doing fine. I see it when I ride my bike to the bridge.

The plant near the abandoned post office is still alive, but some of its leaves fell. It seemed to be growing its leaves in its small pot rather than moving outward.

It was the same for the plant on the scary street, lots of healthy green leaves hiding in the pot. I don't really blame them.

The plant that surprised me was the one I hung under the elevated tracks of the J train. It was flourishing and this was the plant I worried would not get enough water or light. 

I still have not decided what to do when the weather turns cold. I have some more plants to put out. I think I found a good wall in Williamsburg. I am hoping that placing them together will attract more attention and they will be adopted more quickly. 

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