Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moping on the High Line

A new section of the High Line park opened over the summer. I was uptown on the west side this morning so I thought I would check it out. The weather was weird, pouring rain while I was uptown. I nearly gave the High Line a pass, but I jumped off the subway at 34th just as the doors closed and the rain had stopped. Someone painted wings near the entrance to the park.

The new section starts at 30th St. near the West Side Highway. Although large signs promise new development, the area is still fairly desolate.

The park itself is pretty, but a little bland. I felt as if I were in an outdoor exhibit at one of the better zoos,

with graffiti no longer seen in the wild. Actually, I think I last saw the flying cat in Paris, which may be why it made me feel so sad. Or it might have been the luxury residence being built next to the cat. They are sprouting up like mushrooms all around the park, their windows inches from the fence. It should be amusing when people move in.

Then the battery ran out on my camera. The spare was flat too.

I had just enough juice to photograph this really fine sculpture by Sarah Sze.

It seems clear that everyone involved in the park is very sincere, planting the good plants, exhibiting the good artists. But every time I come here, I feel a little sad.

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