Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moss Growing Where I Did Not Plant It

While I was working in the garden, I noticed that several rocks and bricks were growing moss.

It is perplexing how moss grows all by itself in some places, but when I try to cultivate it, nothing happens.
I think it is rock moss growing in the garden which is not the variety I have been using. I do not know if there is a name for the moss that grows between the sidewalks. I do know that rock moss will only grow on rocks.

Though this rock is really concrete so maybe I should try a rock moss slurry on the patio walls. It is late in the season so I will probably have to start over in the spring.

The garden is fading to yellows and browns.

Two of the vines that came over from the neighboring yards are deciduous, turning gold and brightening the wall.

The days have been gloomy and night sweeps in quickly during the late afternoon.

Hoping the solstice light takes over soon.

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