Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hunting the Light of Return in the East Village

Every February, sometime after Chinese New Year, the light shifts, it feels as if the sun has returned.

It has a bit more sparkle than January light and it lasts a little longer.

I was drawn to Alphabet City this morning, where the avenues are named after letters. Perhaps I was feeling a little nostalgia for the crusty old days when this neighborhood was dangerous.

Maybe it was the Youtube video I saw of Madonna singing "Express Yourself" when she was young and plush. The blogosphere has been carrying on about her since the Superbowl (too old?, still fabulous?, whatever). This one post, which was kind of fun, had the clip. I realized that Madonna was often on the soundtrack of my youth. I hadn't noticed at the time.

February light is particularly kind to plastic sheeting.

Like the rest of New York, Alphabet City is now quite civilized, only the community gardens seem to remember a wilder time. La Plaza Cultural has massive willow trees,

winter flowers by Rolando,

and a sailboat riding waves of rags.

In the afternoon, on my patio, I noticed that the cracks in the fence were acting like pinholes, creating a pattern of lacy light.

I think circles of confusion might be involved.

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