Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I went to the Botanic Garden to see the plants that had bloomed early. I had imagined all kinds of bulbs and blossoms springing from the ground. In fact there were mostly crocuses.

Apparently they have been in bloom since before Groundhog Day so I am a little late to the whole "global warming flowers bloom in winter" thing. The results of Groundhog day were mixed, Puxatawny Phil said six more weeks of winter, Staten Island Chuck said it was spring. Since our winter has been especially springlike, I guess they were both right.

The crocuses clustered among the trees, looking really pretty.

Anything else blooming was that hardy kind of stuff one expects to see in early spring.

The trees were getting those red and green tints that promise leaves.

The daffodils had also been up since early February and they looked a bit spent.

There was one dandelion.

Overall, everything still looked like winter. It is strange to wander around the barren landscapes in such warm weather.

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