Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Plants

The philodendron was overgrown, the pothos cuttings needed to be planted. I pruned and potted. Here are the philodendron cuttings.

I put the pothos cuttings into whatever pots I had.

I haven't been collecting containers to pot the plants in. I had a deli container, but it split when I tried to pierce drainage holes in the bottom. I guess the best thing would be those coconut water containers. They can't be recycled and they are very resilient.

The plants are still settling into the pots and growing in strange directions. Hopefully they will settle down by late spring.

This is one of the plants I brought back from the July street foray. I put the two others out in September. This one had almost died, there was nothing left but a few leaves. I made a cutting and it grew new roots. I am not sure that I will put it back out. Maybe it can be another mother plant.

There were lots of dead stems and leaves woven into the two pothos mother plants. I pruned out all the brown parts and sprayed them both with lots of water. I will trim them back for new cuttings in a few weeks. I only photographed one mother plant, because they both look pretty much alike.

This little plant came from pieces that fell off of its mother plant. I am not sure if they are hardy enough to go out. 

Oddly, it is the only plant that I put in a pot from a recycled water bottle.

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