Monday, July 9, 2012


It seems hardly right to complain about the heat in New York. People have had it so much worse elsewhere; Washington with their Derecho and blackouts, St. Louis with days of 100 degree weather, Chicago with their gun attacks. Still it has been hot here as well. It was strange, considering the sudden increase in violence over the weekend (we beat Chicago, hurrah), but it seemed to me as if people were going out of their way not to be crazy from the heat.

Lots of fire hydrants had sprinkler caps. I noticed that the cars would often drive slowly through the water as if to cool down.

The hydrants seem to cool the whole street off, 

sending small temporary streams down the block.

The heat wave has broken, but it is still hot, just not "90 plus turn on the hydrants" hot. This summer might be long.

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