Sunday, July 22, 2012


We had another heat wave. I spent the early part of the week working on one of my dream images. I am pasting in more Japanese paper, pulling the fibers so they spread like tendrils across the image. It is tricky because it is easy to do too much and ruin the picture. I put it aside. After hitting 100 degrees on Wednesday, the heat wave broke with a classic violent thunderstorm, including hail. The next few days were rainy and the temperature dropped down to the 60's.

On Friday, I went out during a break in the rain to find some pine trees. They grew in front of my house for years but have since been cut down. I went to the Ross Pinetum in Central Park. Everything was green and cool.

Admittedly, the trees at the pinetum are a bit fancier than the ones that grew outside my childhood home. But I found a couple that would work.

Then the rain came back. I though I could wait it out, but it came down stronger.

When I finally came out of the park, I was pretty sodden in spite of an umbrella. The weather continues to change; it was heartbreaking beautiful this weekend with thunderstorms on the way for tomorrow. I suppose it is better than endless heat and humidity.

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