Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer's end

There are summers that end softly, the warm days linger, the sunlight becomes slowly sharper. Other summers end abruptly in storms and darkness. This year we have the latter. Labor day weekend was a sorry affair. It was gloomy and cool, with the promise of bad weather.

In spite of this, we lit a bonfire and toasted marshmallows. After that, the rain moved in. On the last day of summer break, the young son and I had planned to go to the beach. The weather was not the best for such an endeavor, but we were stubborn. As we approached the shore, a storm moved in, the sky darkened, lightning crackled in the distance. We plunged on, even though Jones beach was closed, the town beach in Babylon was not. It was still raining as we picnicked in the car.

The rain tapered off, and we explored the deserted beach.

The sky was moody as the waves rushed back and forth.

The young son faced off against the surf, using the energy washing against him to fuel plots to anime style dramas.

The only sunny day this week was humid and too hot. Today we had two tornadoes, small ones.

Starting tomorrow, all the days will be beautiful, not too hot. It sounds like early autumn.

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