Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Equinox Askew

The season shifted towards autumn rather abruptly. Last week I was planning on putting out some plants.  Then the air turned cool and windy. I felt it was too late in the season to do plant installations. It was probably for the better as a rowdy storm blew through with high winds and heavy rain and took the last traces of summer away.

I brought the plants inside and made some more cuttings. I will wait for spring. Then I hope to have more plants from the cuttings and can really green up the abandoned bicycles of the city.

I like equinox light because it is so clear and sharp. It is a bit harsh for photographs though. It softens at sunrise and again at sunset, I watch the colors melting together as I work in the kitchen. I always seem to end up in the kitchen, chopping something, watching the light in the street.

Today the sharp edges of the light pleased me. I wandered through Soho and was not horrified by the rampant commercialization and luxury explosion that goes on there. It was early in the day and the tourists were not ambling yet.

There is a really cool shop that sells tile. They have mannequins wearing tile mosaics in their windows. I have never really paid attention to the shop, but today it caught my eye.

I have been so disorganized. I feel as if I have to arrange my work better. I need to work on my dream images and eventually find a way to present them. My posts may be a little spotty as I try to get myself together.

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