Friday, October 26, 2012

October and Elm Trees

Things have been busy, I have been visiting high schools with the young son. I think this is more of a city thing, scrambling to find a good school in a place with several choices; some fabulous, most kind of scary. On Monday I was rushing off to another visit, the sunlight was so beautiful, I regretted not bringing my camera. I planned to return the next day, but the beautiful light was veiled in misty clouds. It wasn't so bad, a cloudy bright instead of grey gloom.

At least I got the elm trees in their autumn colors. I am usually too early or too late

There was a nice green and gold thing going on that made me very happy.

The sun has not returned and the brightness has deepened into plain old cloudy.

And it does not seem ready to come back any time soon with the big Frankenstorm on the way.

This picture sums up my feelings about all the gloomy weather.

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