Friday, August 30, 2013

Farewell to Admiral's Row

The demolition of Admiral's Row, which was looming for years, has finally begun. Construction walls have been built around the fence.

Totally off topic; the light on that manhole cover was really pretty.

There are portholes in the wall to watch the progress, but of course the weeds have grown right up against them.

Some of the plexiglass has broken and the weeds have grown out, spreading up the wall.

Others have climbed over the top.

Through one of the broken portholes, I could catch a glimpse of the old ruins.

I have resigned myself to the disappearance of my favorite example of nature taking the city. I just hope that when the developer's are building their big new shopping center, that they leave a few trees in the parking lot, to provide a little shade and a faint memory of the weed jungle that was there before.

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