Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Walls With No Roof

There is an empty lot near my house that has walls and supports, but no roof. These are my favorite kinds of spaces.

Of course the weeds have taken over, springing up through the concrete.

I once read about Tuareg nomads in Mali who had been encouraged to settle down. They could not stand sleeping without the stars overhead, so they took the roofs off their houses.


Jess Ruliffson said...

I like that someone wrote GOD HOUSE on one of the supports...I think God wouldn't need a roof cause he's waterproof...or maybe he likes the stars, too.

secretsoflifeanddeathblog said...

I like the urban decay in the midst of thriving green. Very hopeful for the planet.

Rolly Corvin said...

The photos you took gave me a metaphysical reflection experience! With deconstruction of the concrete jungle comes organic life. The small tree becomes a living shade -- a breathing "roof-above-our-heads."