Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Light, the Garden, a Gift

Some light coming through the window
 I was planning on putting some plants out. This summer, I wanted the plants to be more sculptural, grouping more of them on one bicycle. I had found a really cool bicycle, red with a red basket, no more front wheel. I had a vision in my mind of it with the plants. But when I checked on the bicycle before putting them out, it was gone. I guess I had waited too long to put them out. I am still resolving some details on how to display the plants. Now I need another cool bicycle.

The garden is recovering from winter, I am pleased with the spring colors that I have.

My current favorite is the allium. I think they are somewhat comic. 

They do not last very long though. Just over a week and they are losing their flowers. I am curious to see how they look with the green nubby stems.

The beloved brought me home a rosebush for Mother's day. 

These bulbs have never sent up flowers, only leaves. I was really getting tired of them and thinking I would dig them up, when they sent up one stalk of flowers.

Someone abandoned a bouquet of roses in the flower box out front.

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